VA Streamline IRRRL Program: Minimum Credit Scores?

If you are searching for more information on the VA Streamline / VA IRRRL refinance programs and confused about all of the different information you see regarding minimum credit score requirements — don’t worry, many people are.

It can be confusing.

The reason that it can be confusing is becauseĀ  VA doesn’t actually have a minimum credit score requirement for the VA streamline refinance program — but many lenders do.

The most common credit score requirement from lenders right now is 620, but some have lower and some have higher minimum credit score requirements.

If you are working with a particular lender who says that they have minimum credit score requirements and you don’t currently meet those requirements, don’t worry — just keep shopping for a lender who has a lower credit score requirement or even better — doesn’t have a minimum credit score requirement for VA streamline refinances.

They are out there – and if someone tells you that they can’t help you with your VA streamline, be sure to ask them if they are aware of any lenders who are currently doing VA streamlines without requiring a minimum credit score — I know of at least one lender who still allows a VA streamline with no credit score.

The VA streamline minimum credit score requirements are also always changing – so what you hear today, may not apply tomorrow – it is a moving target!

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