VA IRRRL: Form DD214 Required

September 12, 2010

When you go through the VA IRRRL refinance program, it is sometimes called the “VA streamline refinance” program because of the “streamlined” documentation.

And yes, it is true that the VA IRRRL refinance program requires less documentation than getting a VA loan when you purchase a house or doing a fully-qualified VA refinance.

But even though there are less documents required, there are still a number of documents that you cannot avoid having.

One of those is the DD-214 Form.

What The DD-214 Form?
The DD-214 form is the proof that you have served in the military and it details information such as the dates of discharge, dates of service and current classification, retired or active, and National Guard or Reserve status.

As a general rule, the form is required to claim any VA benefits, not just a VA loan or when you go through the VA IRRRL refinance program.

You should have received your original DD-214 when you were discharged from the military – and chances are that they also told you not to lose it!

But if you lost it and are now wondering if you can participate in the IRRRL refinance program, be sure to contact one of our VA loan experts who can help you get the right information you will need to get it.

Be aware — when you go to request it, you will need the following:

* Social Security number
* Branch of service
* Dates of military service
* Place of discharge

When doing a VA IRRRL refinance, it is required that you have the DD214.

Have questions about the DD-214? Let us know, we are happy to help.

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