VA Mortgage Loans: What Are The Eligibility Criteria?

May 28, 2009

VA Loans: What Are The Eligibility Criteria?
From time to time, people ask about what it takes to be eligible for a VA loan so we thought we would note the main criteria. If you have more questions about whether or not you are eligible for a VA loan, be sure to consult with a loan officer who works for a FHA/VA approved lender, they can help you determine your eligibility.

  1. Veterans who served on active duty and have a discharge other than dishonorable after a minimum of 90 days of service during wartime or a minimum of 181 continuous days during peacetime.
  2. 2 years requirement if the veteran enlisted and began service after September 7, 1980 or was an officer and began service after October 16, 1981
  3. 6 year requirement for National guards and reservists with certain criteria and there are specific rules concerning the eligibility of surviving spouses
  4. If you are now on regular duty (not active duty for training), you are eligible after having served 181 days unless discharged or separated from a previous qualifying period of active duty
  5. If you are an spouse of a veteran who died while in service who has not re-married
  6. If you are a spouse of a service person who is currently MIA or a POW
  7. If you are a surviving spouse who remarries on or after attaining age 57, and on or after December 16, 2003, you may be eligible